Spincaloritronic and thermoelectric effects

People involved: C. Romanque, C. Gonzalez and C. Garcia

The research area explores the relationships between spin and heat transport in materials [1]. Within the context of energy conversion applications, thermal spin transport provides conceptually new mechanisms for solid-state thermal-to-electrical energy conversion that may be used for waste heat recovery and temperature control. We have successfully developed an alternative methodology to measure the Spin Seebeck effect in interface ferrimagnetic insulator/non-metal with an unprecedented level of accuracy. We are currently interested in the study of spin transport properties (Spin Seebeck effect, Spin MR, etc.) a thermoelectric effects such as Nernst effect, Anomalous Nernst effect, Ettingshausen effect, etc.

[1] Bauer, G. E. W., E. Saitoh, and B. J. van Wees, 2012, Nat. Mater. 11, 391

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