Magnetization Dynamics

People involved: J. Flores, C. Gonzalez and C. Garcia

A fundamental characterization technique for the current research in spintronics is the ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) spectroscopy. For many decades, FMR spectroscopy has been carried out using single frequency microwave cavities [1]. More recently, the apparition of broadband FMR spectroscopy have meant a qualitative jump in the effciency of FMR to extract material parameters from ferromagnetic thin lms. Moreover, the recent discovery of the spin recti cation effect (SRE) has allowed to perform FMR spectroscopy on nanometric structures.

[1] I. S. Maksymov and M. Kostylev, \Broadband stripline ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy of ferromagnetic lms, multilayers and nanostructures", Physica E 69, 253{293 (2015).

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