Publications in 2021

  1. “Dynamical behavior of ultrathin [CoFeB(tCoFeB)/Pd] films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy”

    A. S. Silva, S. P. Sá, S. Bunyayev, C. Garcia, I. J. Sola, G. Kakazei, H. Crespo and D. Navas

    Scientific Reports, 11, 43 (2021)

  2. “Spin diffusion length associated with out-of-plane conductivity of Pt in spin pumping experiments”

    C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, R. Henriquez, C. García, R. K. Dumas, B. Bozzo, and A. Pomar

    Phys. Rev. B 103, 224403 (2021)

Publications in 2020

  1. “Assembly of nanocube super-structures directed by surface and magnetic interactions”

    I. Stankovic, L. Lizardi and C. Garcia

    Nanoscale (2020)

  2. “Spin Seebeck effect detection by harmonic analysis”

    C. Romanque, C. Gonzalez, C. Orellana, and C. Garcia

    Applied Physics Letters, 116(24), (2020)

  3. “Tuning of magnetic properties in Ni-Mn-Ga Heusler-type glasscoated microwires by annealing”

    C. Garcia, V. Zhukova, S. Shevyrtalov, M. Ipatov, P. Corte-Leon, and A. Zhukov

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 838, 155481 (2020)

  4. “Perturbative generalized magneto-optical ellipsometry”

    C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, C, Romanque-Albornoz, C. Orellana, C. Garcia

    IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, 69(10), 8432 (2020)

Publications in 2019

  1. “Spontaneous self-assembly of magnetic particles from cluster source into macroscopic chains”

    L. Balcells, I. Stankovic, Z. Konstantinovic, A. Alagh, V. Fuentes, L. Lopez-Mir, N. Mestres, B. Vasic, C. Garcia, A. Pomar, and B. Martinez

    Nanoscale, 11, 14194 (2019)

  2. "De-embedding zero-field signal in high-frequency magneto-impedance measurements of soft ferromagnetic materials"

    M. Eginligil, C. Garcia, J. Wang, M. Kilinc, W. Huang

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 484, 424-429 (2019)

  3. "A platform for nanomagnetism – assembled ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic dipolar tubes"

    I. Stankovic, M. Dašic, J. A. Otálora, and C. García.

    Nanoscale, 11, 2521 (2019)

Publications in 2018

  1. “Magnetism and spin transport in rare-earth-rich epitaxial terbium and europium iron garnet films”

    E. R. Rosenberg, L. Beran, C. O. Avci, C. Zeledon, B. Song, C. Gonzalez, J. Mendil, P. Gambardella, M. Veis, C. Garcia, G. S. D. Beach, C. A. Ross

    Physical Review Materials, 2, 094405 (2018)

  2. “Tailoring the asymmetric magnetoimpedance response in exchange-biased Fe-Ni multilayers”

    U. Kilic, C. A. Ross, and C. Garcia

    Physical Review Applied, 10, 034043 (2018)

  3. “Systematic errors in the determination of the spectroscopic g-factor in broadband ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy: a proposed solution”

    C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, R. K. Dumas, and C. Garcia

    Journal of Applied Physics, 123, 023901 (2018)

  4. “Magnetization reversal in radially distributed nanowire arrays”

    C. Garcia, W. O. Rosa, J. Garcia, V. M. Prida, B. Hernando, J. A. Lopez, P. Vargas, and C. A. Ross

    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122, 5124−5130 (2018)

Publications in 2017

  1. “Angular dependent FORC and FMR of exchange-biased NiFe multilayer films"

    R. A. Gallardo, S. Khanal, J. M. Vargas, L Spinu, C. A. Ross and C. Garcia

    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 50, 075002 (2017)

  2. “Anisotropy constant and exchange coupling strength of perpendicularly magnetized CoFeB/Pd multilayers and exchange springs”

    A. F. Franco, C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, J. Akerman, and C. Garcia

    Physical Review B, 95, 144417 (2017)

  3. “Theory of ferromagnetic resonance driven by the combined action of spin-transfer torque and voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy”

    C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, C. Garcia, P. Landeros, and R. A. Gallardo

    Physical Review B, 96, 174440 (2017)

Publications in 2016

  1. “The effect of low temperature thermal annealing on the magnetic properties of Heusler Ni–Mn–Sn melt-spun ribbons”

    J.L. Sánchez Llamazares, A. Quintana-Nedelcos, D. Ríos-Jara, C.F. Sánchez-Valdes, T. García-Fernández, C. García

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 401, 38–43 (2016)

  2. “Variable variance Preisach model for multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy”

    A. F. Franco, C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, R. Morales, C. A. Ross, R. Dumas, J. Akerman, and C. Garcia

    Physical Review B, 94, 064431 (2016)

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