2018 International Conference of Magnetims (ICM), San Francisco, USA

·         Asymmetric MI effect in exchange-biased multilayered FeNi (Q7-13)

U. Kilic, C.A. Gonzalez-Fuentes, C. Ross, C. Garcia

·         Magnetism and Spin Transport in Epitaxial Terbium and Europium Iron Garnet Films (W12-02)

E.R. Rosenberg, L. Beran, C. Avci, C. A. Gonzalez-Fuentes, C. Zeledon, A. Quindeau, B. Song, G. Beach, M. Veis, C. Garcia, C. Ross

2018 Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), Mainz, Germany

·         Longitudinal spin Seebeck effect detection based on spectrum analysis (A-1056)

“Poster presentation” with session number: P-B.228 Wednesday 5 September 2018

C. Romanque, C. Gonzalez-Fuentes, C. Orellana, C. Garcia

·         Magnetization reversal in radially distributed nanowire arrays (A-1057)

“Poster presentation” with session number: P-B.029 Wednesday 5 September

C. Garcia, W. O. Rosa, J. Garcia, P. Vargas, J. A. Lopez, B. Hernando, V. M. Prida, C. A. Ross

2017 62nd Annual Conference on Magnetısm and Magnetıc Materıals (Pittsburgh, USA)

·         Magnetization reversal in radially distributed nanowire arrays with longitudinal and transverse anisotropy (ET-10)

C. Garcia; W.O. Rosa; J. Garcia; V.M. Prida; B. Hernando; J. Lopez; P. Vargas; C. A. Ross

·         Tailoring the asymmetric magnetoimpedance response in exchange-biased multilayered FeNi (DT-01)

U. Kilic; C. Ross; C. Garcia

·         Systematic errors in the determination of the g-factor and saturation magnetization in broadband ferromagnetic resonance: Proposed solutions (DS-01)

C.A. Gonzalez-Fuentes; R.K. Dumas; C. Garcia

·         Theory of ferromagnetic resonance driven by the combined action of spin-transfer torque and voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (BP-15).

C.A. Gonzalez-Fuentes; C. Garcia; P. Landeros; R. Gallardo

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